Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Specs Database

As a musician and guitar enthusiast, I would often visit Yamaha's archives website for speficiations about certain Yamaha guitars I was interested in. However, recently while trying to do a search, I learned that Yamaha had taken down their much useful informational website where we could search model numbers for such specs. After looking around, I found this website which had a downloadable original spreadsheet of all of the model numbers and specs (linked below). I then compiled the databases and made this online tool where I can continue to search for the models and specs similar to Yamaha's old website.

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In the near future, I will create additional searching tools, such as listing by Wood Type, Headstock Type, Nud Width, Production Dates, Limited Productions, ETC... - I will also be adding a Serial Decoder, so you can verify Model Numbers.

Feel free to use this tool for your personal use. However, I assume no responsability for the information displayed. I am not responsible for misidentified model numbers or incorrect information. Use this at your own risk and / or discretion. I have tried my best to make sure all the data in this site is complete (Based on the downloadable spreadhseet found Here). This is also linked below..

If you would like to add any model numbers or information, please email me at [email protected]

@Yamaha - Please don't sue me! lol If you would like for me to take this site down, please email me at the email above. Maybe you would like to work on a similar project together? Maybe Electric Guitars? Pianos? Percussion? Yamaha makes all sorts of instruments...

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